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Ottermill were world famous for their engineered switchboards and motor control centres and notably their Ottermet and Unimet ranges.The factory located in Ottery St Mary Devon closed in 2004.


 The Ottermet range of flush fronted switchboards was an integrated system of cubicles of similar design, based on a metric concept, to meet traditional British Standards markets.  It housed a versatile and compact range of fuse switches (the HDC range), fuse distribution boards (W Line), air circuit breakers (OMA range), miniature and moulded case circuit breakers and instrumentation.  The range was available in air insulated or fully insulated forms up to what is now recognised as Form 4 Type 6 separation to BSEN 60439.


 The Unimet range of switchboards and motor control centres was developed to satisfy European and world markets for equipment to meet IEC and IEC based British Standards Specifications.  It was the result of  detailed world wide survey taking into account the requirements of industrial and commercial LV installations.  The Unimet Motor Control Centre was one of the first fully withdrawable switchboards to be introduced to the switchgear market.



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